Kione Kochi

赤尾 木織音

Born 1993 in Tokyo, Kochi graduated from Bennington College in 2015 with a focus in Visual Arts and Garment Construction. In 2012, she founded Kione’s, a handmade fabric goods brand where she makes and sells one-of-a-kind textile works including quilted blankets, bags and garments. Using the language of patchwork quilts, she creates improvisational compositions, piecing together forms to capture color moments. Kochi is a member of Art Translators Collective since 2015. She currently lives and works in Kyoto.



Upcoming Exhibitions


Craft Fairs

Renegade Craft Fair Chicago (2015)

Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco (2012)

Past Exhibitions

June 30 - July 10, 2021


August 8 - 15, 2020


August 22 - September 12, 2021


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